Having previously worked at RealNetworks for just under seven years I finally decided to start a blog about video. I am familiar with audio/video encoding and transcoding with a focus on H.264 video with stereo AAC audio in an MP4 container. I create my content or modify existing content using Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 11.0 and focus on color accuracy. I use the free AAV ColorLab plugin, the professional version of NeatVideo, and a few of the built in plugins that come with Sony Vegas.

My content is converted for streaming using a 1,600 line heavily documented bash shell script I wrote that drives FFmpeg. I wrote that script out of desperation for some modicum of automation. After my content is finished I then put that content on my FreeNAS server which is accessed by a FreeBSD jail that is running Nginx with FastCGI using a PHP script that I didn’t write. I use the Roku channel Roksbox to deliver my content to my TV from said jail. ThumbGen is a program that I use to add backgrounds, movie posters, thumbnails, and metadata for searching said content.

The purpose of this blog is to share a bit of my knowledge of encoding, usage of FFmpeg, and occasionally how I reverse the dreaded teal & orange color grading that plagues just about every single DVD created since around 1997 and almost every Blu-ray that I have ever seen.

If you are interested in learning about my work history then please check out my profile over at LinkedIn.

4 thoughts on “About

      • I could clean out a lot of the code that I don’t need either and adapt it.. just like the detection parts – you’ve done a lot of thinking.. beerware – and no guarantee it would work of course 😉


  1. Hi,

    I just found your blog because of advanced ffmpeg cofiguration. I hope your are okay and doing well. Your last past post was in 2017. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! Kind regards from Germany, Frank


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